Sunday, 27 March 2016

Think Like a Lady, Train Like a "Man"

this is abit of a lengthy blogpost entry but this is quite poignant so do take a seat, relax and enjoy the read ;)

 so the other day I had a young lady knock on my office door

quite evidently she was quite in a foul mood so I asked her if everything was ok?

she explained how she hasn't lost any weight with the programme I had given her and insisted that she had done everything that was set on the workouts yet still hadn't seen any difference

now where i had personally devised the programme, i have my own set way of training my clients. you will find that every health and fitness professional has their own approach to exercise so if you're fortunate enough to have myself as your trainer (#theplug) then I will train you according to my principles of training

so yeh, where I kind of knew where she was going wrong I offered to take her through one of the workouts on her programme just to show her the level of intensity which is expected in order to obtain results

she again insisted that she is doing everything the programmes asks of her so didn't think me showing her how to "do what she is already doing" is going to make any difference

i eventually convinced her to take me up on the offer and we arranged a session for the day after

now i have a particular warm up routine of the rower which is 100m x 10, with 30seconds rest after each 100m. the rower is a full body workout when executed with power in each stroke so when done properly your body you should most definitely feel the effects of

after 2 rounds of the 100m x 10 "warm up"she asked to have longer than 30seconds rest as she found the intensity abit too hard

on the 5th round she was working atleast around 200% lol and said she cant do no more...but i made sure we continued untill she finished all 10 x 100m

now I only ever devise programmes which clients are able to do effectively on their own, so i said to her that for now she can take her reps down to 5 x 100m...and increase the sets as she gets fitter

she asked why did i make her do 10 then...i just laughed and she kissed her teeth #oops lol

now throughout the session it was a constant battle of me having to push her to complete the reps & sets, and often i could hear the ringing sounds of "i cant do no more" "michael im gonna dying" "i think im going to pass out" "i will do it man wait" LOL !!!

i made her train ugly...her sweat dripping all over the benches, making noises as she was lifting the weights, swearing lol, her intensity even had other guys edging her on and punishing her to finish those last killer reps

so after the session, i had to carry her lifeless corpse back to the office lol...nah we had a debrief after the session where we sat back in the office to go over the session

i asked her how hard would you say the session was today out of 10...she said 1000 lol

i then asked her whether her training sessions alone have been as intense as our session today, to which she was honest enough to admit that they have been nowhere near

i explained that i purposely pushed her out her comfort zone just to shock her central nervous system...this is whereby she'll now have built up stored muscle memory in regards to what intensity her body is capable of working at

yes really, think about...if you've completed a hard task/challenge the fact that you've done it before means that you're more than capable of doing it just have to dig that lil bit deeper

the same level of intensity she was able to produce during our 1-2-1 session is the same level her body will now expect to endure when training alone...well maybe not matching it exactly & no1 is saying to kill yourself, but you have to ensure that every session is just as intense as your last

as I say to everyone, no personal trainer can get you results...if im training you on the day then yes your sessions are guaranteed to be 110% each and every time #theplug, but the key is to have the same level of commitment and discipline to your training when you are NOT with your trainer

a personal trainer can only help you achieve results...they cannot do the exercises for you 

the onus is on the individual to give 110% when NOT in the trainers company

now if I can throw abit of male ego into the mix...a guy will train hard each and everytime (shout out to the man dem though lol)

LOL but jokes aside, if you only train like a lady is "suppose" to train your body may not respond to/as quickly to any given exercise

there is no blueprint that shows that women should train a certain way, however there is a way a woman should NOT train

ive seen some females train ugly with real grit and determination as they know that 110% is the minimum requirement

my rule for females to simply train like a "man"

  • train with a high intensity
  • scream at the weights if you need to squeeze out those last few reps
  • go on and even copy one of arnold shawsnegas (imagine thats how I spelt it before google corrected me lol) arnold schwarzeneggers* workouts
  • get yourselves in the weights area, as doing weights is where the magic happens...and if a bloke is texting on his phone occupying a machine you want to go on tell him "yo boss, how many sets you got left"

just don't do as much as guys (volume and weight wise) and don't eat as much...and you WILL earn yourself a nice toned sculpted female body

someone put it nicely and said "train hard whether you have breasts or balls", and i cant agree more

just dont expect 100% results, with only 50% effort

a bit long winded i know, but hope this all makes sense

thank you for reading

Big Boat

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  1. You make some good points but training hard is def not the preserve of men. Female athletes train hard too. I see plenty guys in the gym faffing about hogging machines with their posse and not getting sweaty. Just train hard innit whether you got breasts or balls!