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How To "Keep Fit" On Holiday

apologies for not giving you all a post for July. i was in the beautiful motherland Ghana and trust me, it feels awful to be back in the UK *slices wrists*

but nevertheless its back to life, back to reality and back to bringing you another blogpost courtesy of moi

so before i went away i done the whole train for a holiday hype, but to be honest i wasn't 100% committed to it...well atleast the nutrition side of things anyway, as best believe a week before i flew out i pretty much finished 2 whole packets of custards creams to myself in a few days. oh and the day before i flew out i indulged in hersheys, lemon fanta, haribos and cherry bakewells *yummy*

maybe it was because it was a family holiday that i didn't bother to go as strict with my nutrition as i would have done had it been a beach holiday with the man dem..especially knowing that every man would be aiming to be skin tight ripped 

but yeh i just took my holiday prep in my stride and didn't make too much of a fuss about it

now this is going to sound very far-fetched especially coming from myself as a personal trainer, but keeping fit WHILST on holiday is never as deep as some people make it out to be

i mean going to Ghana i already knew that i wasn't going to eat as healthy as i do in the uk. i knew i weren't going to have brown rice, wholemeal pasta, protein shakes etc so i kinda already prepared myself 

with no shame taken i think i ate like 1 piece of fruit out there during my 2 week stay in Ghana. everything else was pretty much CARBS GALORE and no guilt was taken at all. it was either rice, yam, fried plantain, fried chicken, kenke, banku, bofrot, BREAD...i don't even eat bread like that but mate the amount of sweet bread i ate everyday without fail. or when we went out then it was easily pizza hut, kfc, burger king or typical traditional foods. even when we went to our relatives house they cooked us the utmost food, so imagine the disrespect of them cooking for me and me saying "sorry auntie, i can't eat this because i'm on a diet"...the abuse i would have received mate lol

even when we visited my dads brother in Ghana he told us to fast for 3days before we came to his he said he was going to cook us everything there was to eat lol

as i tell my clients who go on short holidays, a holiday is a period where you go to enjoy yourself, enjoy the culture and enjoy the food. if you're constantly forcing yourself to eat healthy food in Ghana, constantly forcing yourself to count your calories whilst on an all inclusive holiday in the Bahamas or forcing yourself to gym everyday when on a ski trip to Norway then please enlighten me on what holiday you are enjoying please? because to me that's a pretty sad way to enjoy a holiday

had i gone on holiday for 6 months then yeah... 
  • i would have been abit more health conscious with my food options i.e. going to the supermarket and buying healthy foods to cook/going out my way to finding healthy eat outs 
  • i would have got into a structured exercise routine...the same as I would be doing in the UK 
as i stated on a previous post on instagram if you've put in serious work and set your body's foundations during the winter months, then you'll be content with your body during the summer months. even though my last week before i flew out was abmissmal and without sounding too vein, i knew i had a body i was content with to take on holiday...based on the hard work i had put in wayyyy before my holiday

exercise wise i done the bare minimum in Ghana. i jogged about everyday other day i was out there (apart from the last 5 days when i really couldn't be bothered anymore lol) and in all honesty i only made the effort to go for jogs because i knew i was going to get back into athletics again (sprinting) when i got back to the UK as i'm currently rehabbing an injury. so knowing the benefits of hot weather training i sought to take advantage

also my body clock is the worst imaginable so where i woke up mad early before everyone else i thought to go for jogs not for the sake of fitness but more so just to explore the streets of the motherland. i done the same morning jogs when i went Spain early this year which was on the beach, so for me it was just for the sake of jogging on the beach front which i enjoy oppose to jogging because i don't want to put weight on

every now and again i done skipping, but again it wasn't something i was killing myself for...i did it as i knew i had to general keep my body ticking over as i was going to land back in the UK on friday, and heading to the athletics track on sunday

abit random but i remember during an interview with Usain Bolt they asked him about his nutrition & diet and he replied "its only when i come to europe that i hear of and have brown rice and wholemeal pasta". he went on to say "in Jamaica people eat hard carbs everyday for breakfast, lunch & dinner and most of us are still very much lean

now obviously the weather plays a major part aswell as in Ghana my auntie/grandma was having rice for breakfast pretty much all the time, but they hardly had any fat on them. everyone i came across was of the slim type and pretty much all the men were lean...and you know for a fact its not because of protein shakes, wholemeal spaghetti or a low calorie diet

commuting wise, if you don't drive then you're pretty much walking everywhere sweating in the basking sun so that is exercise in itself...compared to the uk & america where there are trains, buses and trams massly available to keep you lazy

but yeh even though i ate like an absolute pig abroad and haven't been the cleanest eaters since i've been back, it seems as though i have somewhat managed to maintain my physique to an extent. i mean yeh i've lost the little definition i had on my abs lol, but for everything i ate in Ghana my body has held up quite well

*disclaimer: no im not naked in the left pic*

*pic on left is me before my holiday...pic on right is me after my holiday*

if anything i feel that ive come back pretty much the same, so sorry to say but if you happen to pile on crazy pounds on a 2 week holiday then quite frankly your general exercise & nutrition in the UK (or wherever you reside) must be sh*t

regardless though, it is completely normal to put on a little weight when on holiday as naturally you will eat more & exercise don't let these instagram "i eat clean 365days a year" fitness folks or the internet sell you a 5 day plan on how to shed fat during all inclusive breaks

holidays are there to be enjoyed. if you're stressing about maintaining a strict exercise and nutrition whilst on holiday then you may aswell not travel as the world owes you nothing so don't go to another country expecting them to cater to your dairy free-low calorie-no carbs after 10am regime

simply see it a lil break from the discipline of health and fitness. think of it as you're going to continue with your fitness goals after your vacation, as oppose to seeing it as starting all over again < this mentality will again mean that you have got it all wrong

i do plan on going back to ghana for a fitness holidays as there are quite a few fitness folks out there that i didn't get to link up with...and with family holidays mums are still quite protective so yeh next time i'm not going ghana with you mum lol

p.s. this is my own opinion btw folks so don't take this as the ultimate blueprint on how to "keep fit" on holiday lol

its entirely upto you if you wish to keep up the nutrition & exercise discipline abroad and bodybuilders/certain fitness folks will probably tell you different but essentially they get paid to stay in shape so don't listen to what they have to say about staying clean on holiday

until next time folks...thank you for reading

Big Boat

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