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Health & Fitness...What Does It REALLY Mean To You? (revisted)

swear this year is flowing by tooo quick, can you believe September is over already

almost forgot to post for this month aswell, i'm trying to get into the habit of posting once a month just so i don't run out of things to say, and most importantly so you lot don't get bored of hearing from me lol

so this blog post entry is abit of a recap from a previous blog post i wrote last year called "Health & Fitness...What Does It Mean To You?"

as its the same difference i just thought id revisit this topic as a few encounters i have had recently have brought back the whole issue of health & fitness, and what it REALLY means to people...

so the other day a guy (who goes to my gym) walks up to me as i was trying to secure a potential client for my personal training services

the conversation went as followed...

him: "yo michael, you stopped training or something?"

me: "nah, why"

him: "you're looking like your losing weight bro, you stressed or something".

*now in my head i'm thinking wowwww he really just said that*

me: "lol nah im good bro, i'm back to my running again. i naturally lose weight this way"

him: "i hear that fam, but nah your arms are looking mad skinny still. you need to come start gyming with me fam

he then shouted  "gains over b*tches my g. all day everyday day", as he proceeded to walk away


my potential client gave me a look like to say...
"so is this what this so called gym life is all about"

i just had to laugh and keep it moving as this same guy with his no neck has obviously forgotten that he's told me what he's been injecting himself with, and even asked me to help him research up on the side effects of what he's taking as he said he's been feeling depressed, angry and his sexual performance has been affected

now between you and me, i really don't care who looks better than me tbh. you can have all the muscles in the world. trust me when i say it does not bother me in the slightest...just don't stand next to me if we ever happen to take a topless pic together lol

jokes aside though, there are many people out there who embark on a journey of health & fitness and being 2% body fat or trying to be the biggest in the room is not everyone's goal

many don't even exercise to look good physically, they exercise more so to keep themselves mentally healthy

i met a gentleman in the gym a few weeks ago who asked how long will it take him to get a chest like mine. i laughed as i said "a good few years bro but you'll get there in the end". we began talking and he told me how he is recovering from breast cancer and how he had to have his right chest muscle removed...even showed me the operation scar. i cant even remember what exact percentage he gave me in regards to how many men have breast cancer, but i remember it been very low


there also a gentleman in our gym who is blind. he cannot see the results but honestly speaking i don't even think he even cares. he is in the gym more consistently than those people who see their body changing yet still complain that they are not happy. from our gym you can see people walking outside, and from a distance when i see him coming from work in his suit, with his white cane, walking towards the gym, crossing the road by himself (remember he is blind) just makes you think that there really is no excuse for anyone just to simply keep fit and stay healthy


a few years ago at a gym near me, a lady died of a heart attack in the gym. the apparent cause was diet pills she bought online. i mean it could have just been a sudden death but at the age of 34 theres no reason for a fit middle aged woman to have a random heart attack in the gym


even today as i drafted up this post i had a lady come into the gym asking how can she go about joining the gym and having a personal trainer. she mentioned how she is pregnant and is 2 months gone, to which i said i personally wouldn't recommend starting out in the gym just yet especially if she hasn't reached the crucial 3 month pregnancy stage and especially where she has never exercised before

she then said if she can do jogging outside to which i said that if she was already a gym user then i'm sure she would have had more insight into adopting exercise whilst being pregnant, but having never been to the gym before its vital that a lady passes the crucial 3month stage before embarking on exercise by herself without any real guidance

she then asked if she can use the spa (sauna, steam room etc). now at my gym the policy doesn't permit anyone who is pregnant to use the spa, but she even said that she doesn't need to tell them that shes pregnant (what a wowwwww)

i had to stop her there as i said that by her informing me that she's pregnant i now have a duty of care to inform the spa team

she frustratingly said "how comes all these celebrities get pregnant and not one of them put on weight"

i explained to her that celebrities get given the best care around the clock (healthy food cooked for them, the best personal trainer training them in their own house), plus they live completely different lives to us (they don't work a 9-5) so they aren't the people she should be looking to

she then said i'm not being very helpful and angrily walked away...

now maybe its just me but i got kind of got the impression that she was willing to do anything and everything possible so she doesn't put on weight during pregnancy...which is impossible because naturally you will put on weight, whether the increase is big or small 

maybe i caught her on a bad day as i'm sure the first few months of pregnancy is never easy, especially with all the hormones running wild, but far as i was concerned i potentially just saved her unborn child's life

yes you may not be comfortable in your own skin, but God forbid you (or your unborn child) ever die because you don't want to put on weight

yes i get that people love to see their body transforming before their eyes, but understand that health & fitness stems from within. there's no point looking healthy on the outside, but "unknowingly" damaging your insides...everyone knows exactly what it could be doing to their insides but tend to ignore it

there was a previous study on american collegiate athletes which asked the question "if you could take a drug which would kill you in 40years time, but would guarantee you gold medals in every olympics until then, would you still take it?

remarkably (and i cant remember the exact figures) but a number of participants said yes. now these participants were not silly uneducated college kids. they were scholar athletes with emerging fact they were tipped as the olympians of the next generation

if in the elite levels of sport people are willing to everything and more knowing (playing with death), it is scary to think what common people like you and are i trying to do/doing beings closed doors just to stay in shape and look good

embark on a sensible approach to health & fitness ladies and gents as putting your health at risk is really not worth the bother

p.s i'm big, fast, strong, powerful, fast and apparently i have a decent really i'm content lol

until next time...thank you for reading

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