Sunday, 16 March 2014

Understanding The Role of Carbs (part 1)

"by ensuring carbohydrates are maintained within your diet, you spare and allow protein to be utilised for toning, conditioning and preserving your muscles...solely allowing carbs & fat to be burnt and used as fuel throughout the day"

now a lot of people (mainly females) have a misconception about carbs and assume that not having carbs in their diet will make them lose weight. To an extent no carbs “will help you to lose weight” but it’s not rocket science. even so ALL diets which tell you NOT to have carbohydrates are short term, unattainable and most importantly are unhealthy…this is the same for those who eat VERY little carbs, in order to lose weight 

food is where your body gets it energy from (carbohydrates, fats and protein) with carbohydrates being the one food type which contains the most amount of energy (calories). you can eat as much protein, vegetables, salads, fruits as you like but these food groups do not contain the same amount of energy your body demands from carbs, ESPECIALLY when exercising