Monday, 6 April 2020

Stop Expecting You From Other People

yes, as the title of the blog reads...

 "stop expecting you from other people"

such a powerful over-looked statement which does not get spoken about loudly enough

and i think this statement can be related to pretty much every form of relationship you will ever experience in life...whether it be relationships amongst friends, work-colleagues, couples/situationships, family or even online social media type friendships

a lot of the time we waste energy trying to figure out people's 'why'...

why would they even do that? (friends)

why are they so stuck with that old school mindset, can't they see that times have changed? (parents/folks of that generation)

twitter debates have people cussing mums and threatening each other, all because someone has a different opinion to you lol

why is it so hard for them to just do what i’m asking them to do? (a lovers tiff)

unfortunately the reality is that you simply cannot (and you shouldn't have to) "force" anyone to be like you/think like you/act like you, as much as you may want them to...the same way someone can’t force you to be like them/think like them/act like them etc

"indifferences" are amongst us as friends, colleagues, family etc
and guess what? 
*drum roll* 
these are what makes us different

the sad part is that we don't even attempt to see it as "it's normal for someone to be different to me". we assume that the epicentre of "normal" is us, and anyone who does not fit/conform into our definition of normal we consider them to be wrong

but who says they're wrong? 

who says they're right?

is it because they don't think like you then ultimately that means that they're wrong?

but who says your right anyway? 

what if you're both wrong?

and i'm not talking about the major things in life which are distinctively and fundamentally right and/or wrong. i'm talking about the small trivial things in life that we waste energy trying to figure out

why this particular person never offers to put petrol in your car, but if that was you then you would gladly offer each and every time. some people are just not naturally inclined to do as you do...stop expecting you from other people

why this girl is always half naked in all her pics and seems to be getting attention from all the sexy lads you fancy. you might not agree with it and sure you can disapprove but you don't have to have hate in your heart for her just because she acts differently to you...stop expecting you from other people

why our parents (their generation) are so stuck with a mind-set that clearly isn't going to change. but we can't get onto them for not being current like us, as they probably won't ever see the world the way we see it...again stop expecting you from other people

 for me, what i’ve slowly started to develop over the years is having the mind-set that "most things in life really are literally just a difference of opinions”, and more time its not even about who's right or wrong....its literally just about a matter of a difference in opinions

 a bitter pill to swallow as at times but remember not everyone is going to agree with you, the same exact way you are not going to agree with everyone else

and lets not be prideful in saying that “i’m better than them”
instead, just see it as “i’m different to them”

*think piece*

did you know that even identical twins are different. yes they share the same genetics, yes they have the same parents living in the same house, yes they may have went to the same school and probably had the same set of friends...yet two completely different personalities/mind-sets can emerge

so ask yourself...if identical twins are different then why do we expect us from other people

Thank you for reading

Saturday, 15 February 2020

February 14th...Where Has The Love Gone?

now that the hype of valentine’s day is over, where has love gone?

and i'm not talking about yesterday's "demonstration" of love, i mean genuinely...where has true love and respect actually gone?

remember r&b in the early 2000’s where love was the essence of us all growing up. big sis ashanti telling girls how "foolish" she was to let silly nonsense boys in her life (now some of you girls are doing that willy nilly)

cousin usher showing us in "you got it bad" how to dance in the rain for the love of your life (now we are making our girlfriends get out of the car and walk in the rain because she turned the music down and you found that disrespectful)

uncles jagged edge making us feel like we’ve just walked out of heaven after messing up things with our girlfriend (nowadays we'd gladly rather walk hand-in-hand to hell with side-chicks)

and let’s not forget about everyone's favourite God-father maxwell who literally gave us the blueprint of how to truly love a woman in “this woman's work” (but no-one is trying to hear that anymore)

Monday, 10 February 2020

Happy New Year Everyone lol

its been a while folks

not going to make this a long mish mash of an introduction, HOWEVER for those who know i did use to write/blog alot before i stopped. i’m assuming it must have been a strong case of that whole writers block thing as i literally just stopped writing and never looked back

Sunday, 1 May 2016

'MEN'tal Health & Fitness

this post is in light of depression awareness week which ran from 18th-24th of april, and mental health awareness week which will run from 16th-22nd of may

Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Blind See EVERYTHING...

been a bad few weeks for me in more ways than one. went gym ONLY twice last week as i sort of found myself losing last being on Friday where i left the gym after only 10mins of getting there. you know when you're just not in the right frame of mind to train at all...yeh, that's exactly how i was feeling