in regards to health & fitness many people assume that working out is everything...however this is NOT necessarily the case. With 24hrs in a day you are ONLY in the gym for 1-2hours, so percentage wise that is about 2%. 98% of the time you are NOT actually in the gym, and that is when nutrition plays a major factor. Your digestive system is a make of up muscles in itself so essentially you can give your stomach a "workout" 24/7 just by exercising it with the right foods, helping you keep the weight off your belly and everywhere else...this does NOT however take away the importance of exercise

included in my nutrition package will be... 

healthy options to have for breakfast/lunch/dinner (pictures and recipes included)

healthy options to snack on (pictures and recipes included)
detox/juice recipes

information on portion sizes & control

different food types and how they benefit you i.e. antioxidants, healthy carbs, healthy fats etc many more aspects of nutrition.

if you would like to order a copy of my nutrition plans, send requests to

Thank you for reading

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