Sunday, 28 September 2014

Rest is Soo Key You Wouldnt Believe

having had a 3-4week from training (hitting the gym once out of boredom lol), many people have said how I've gone alot leaner (compared to my in-season weight). I myself even feel alot lighter than i've been and having done a 5k morning run the other day, it was my most comfortablest (pretend that's a word) ive felt during a 5k run...even when I was training and doing 5k runs consistently

Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Inevitable

so after my last competition i was cool

had my ice bath

recovered well

analysed my race and was pretty happy with my performance

i went to bed a happy man

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Society are Bananas!

so I was eating my banana on the train and in the few moments of eating my banana i saw a few people looking at me

i saw a white person looking at me - my thoughts were of them thinking "look at this black monkey eating a banana"

i saw a gay man looking at me - my thoughts were of him thinking "yeah, you really do know how to eat that banana don't you"

i saw a pretty girl looking at me - mate, i made sure i tensed my bicep EVERY TIME i raised the banana to take a bite

i saw an overweight woman looking at me - i thought to myself "maybe i shouldn't have taken out the banana in front of her, especially where i did notice her weight before i took out the banana"

i saw a guy (who looked like he works out) looking at me - he looked at me like to say "yup, he definitely looks after his body"

i saw a black boy looking at me - he looked at me like to say "who does this guy think he is. what coz you got muscles don't think i wont bang you up you know"

i saw a white boy looking at me - he looked at me with an aspiring look, as if he wanted to be/look like me"

in the end i ate the banana by picking at it and breaking it off chunk by chunk

why did I post this?

it seems that in todays day & age, society will ALWAYS have an influence into what we do

it is for YOU to decide how YOU allow society to influence YOUR decision making 

NEVER stop believing in what you believe is right...aslong as you are doing it for the right reasons. no I didn't stop eating the banana (as its healthy & im eating it for me), BUT from the influence of society I chose to pick at the banana as the impression I may have given off (towards the gay man) was far greater than any of the others 

how times have changed. now we seem to overanalyse EVERYthing & ANYthing...even something as little & innocent as eating a banana in public 

maybe its us. maybe we are the ones to blame as our own perceptions often lead our minds astray. maybe we ourselves assume, due to stereotypes brought on by society 

i mean i could've just ate the banana in peace lol 

hopefully the message in this post is clear 

thank you all for reading 

Big Boat

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Understanding The Role of Carbs (part 3)

i know its been a while people. long story short, I thought I had published part 3 to my carb post but it just so happens that it was sitting in my drafts unpublished *covers face*

so here we have the third and final blog post on carbs...

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Understanding The Role of Carbs (part 2)

it isn’t about NOT having carbs…it’s simply about eating carbs in moderation!

now your body CAN ONLY digest a certain amount of carbs at any given time. if you have a BIG plate mostly being made of rice/pasta/potatoes etc this may contain more carbs than what your body is able to digest, so what it CAN’T
digest it will store as unused energy (eventually storing it as fat) as its thinking “you’re giving me more than what I can handle here. i will digest what I can, but whatever I can’t digest I have no option but to store as unused energy (eventually storing it as fat if this energy doesn't get used up efficiently)

contrastingly if you have a smaller amount of carbs on your plate, this may contribute to LESS than what your body is able to digest. as a result your body’s response is “What you have provided me is perfect as it’s just about enough for me to digest adequately and efficiently”

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Understanding The Role of Carbs (part 1)

"by ensuring carbohydrates are maintained within your diet, you spare and allow protein to be utilised for toning, conditioning and preserving your muscles...solely allowing carbs & fat to be burnt and used as fuel throughout the day"

now a lot of people (mainly females) have a misconception about carbs and assume that not having carbs in their diet will make them lose weight. To an extent no carbs “will help you to lose weight” but it’s not rocket science. even so ALL diets which tell you NOT to have carbohydrates are short term, unattainable and most importantly are unhealthy…this is the same for those who eat VERY little carbs, in order to lose weight 

food is where your body gets it energy from (carbohydrates, fats and protein) with carbohydrates being the one food type which contains the most amount of energy (calories). you can eat as much protein, vegetables, salads, fruits as you like but these food groups do not contain the same amount of energy your body demands from carbs, ESPECIALLY when exercising

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Health & Fitness...What Does It Mean To You?

So I was going to write a very interesting outlook about carbs today, as recently I have had many people approach me in regards to whether carbs should be avoided altogether, what time to stop having carbs, what are good carbs/bad carbs etc but I’m going to leave that post until next week as I believe this post today is more poignant of health & fitness, much rather than the typical body image issues which health & fitness is often associated with

What Does It Mean To You?

Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Blind See EVERYTHING...

been a bad few weeks for me in more ways than one. went gym ONLY twice last week as i sort of found myself losing last being on friday where i left the gym after only 10mins of getting there. you know when you're just not in the right frame of mind to train at all...yeh, thats exactly how i was feeling