Why BigBoat'sTrainingRoom?

so lately a few people have asked why im called "Big Boat"...so incase you're wondering why is he calling himself a large sea vessel...let me myself to you all

as few of you may know already, I am the person behind @bigboatstraining.room (check me out on instagram if you haven’t done so already). I originate from east London and although am I personal trainer

so why I called Big Boat's Training Room???

“Big Boat" < such an unusual name for a person to be called init?

the name "Big Boat" was a nickname given to me during my time in secondary school. There was a time I had come in late to my maths class in year 10, as I regularly used to skipped registration to go gym in the morning lol

it was kind of hot that day and as I took off my blazer a few of my boys had realised I was looking quite big in my school shirt (the gym after pump does that to you lol)

with my surname being "Boateng" a few of my boys from the back of the class shouted "aye boateng’s gone big" "uncle boat is looking stiff now"...then came "big boat"

initially, it was a few people in my year who continued to refer to me as "Big Boat", however when collecting the award for sports personality of the year I was addressed as “Big Boat” in front of the whole school (which included years 7-11, 6th formers, all the teachers, dinner ladies lol…basically everyone who associated with the school 

i guess this is where I was formally introduced to the world as “Big Boat” 

from then on it was crazy how my name caught onto everyone...from strangers to friends to family. Till this day my dad even writes "Big Boat" on my birthday cards lol.

and erm yeh, that's that lol...the story of Big Boat's Trainingroom!

Thank you for reading

Big Boat

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