Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Blind See EVERYTHING...

been a bad few weeks for me in more ways than one. went gym ONLY twice last week as i sort of found myself losing last being on Friday where i left the gym after only 10mins of getting there. you know when you're just not in the right frame of mind to train at all...yeh, that's exactly how i was feeling

so today at work a colleague of mine said "Michael you look slimmer, have you lost weight?". i replied "ermm i hope not lol, but i aint been gyming properly so maybe yeah!". i didn't really think anything of it to be honest so i simply brushed it off

now we have a lovely blind lady who always comes to use the gym. as usual she would hold onto my arm and i would help her on and off machines

when helping her onto the treadmill today she asked me "Michael, when was the last time you was at the gym?" 

i laughed and replied "i'm always in the gym Grace" (that was her name).

she replied "no Michael, usually when i hold onto your arms they are hard & firm, but today they feel soft so i know you haven't been to the gym recently"...remarkable for her to notice in such a way right?.

she then asked "what's wrong". i said "nothing". she said "i can hear that tone in your voice which makes me think that something is bothering you". she then told me to sit down & asked me what was wrong wrong & in explained that some sad individual had gone into my bank account and has pretty much cleared me all out, so now they have to do investigations and blah blah this and blah blah that

Grace then said "although i'm blind, i still see everything Michael"...and that was pretty much the wake up call i needed. the fact that it took a blind person to notice and tell me the changes they were "seeing" from me was a real eye opener. before i even came into work a homeless man asked me for money and i told him to move from me, like to say he was the person who had emptied my account. bad of me i know, but as i was going through my own sh*t i really didn't feel sorry for anyone at all

from speaking to Grace, my actions made me think how ungrateful & fortunate we (as humans) can be. the homeless man had no money to his name at all, yet im there worrying about money i've lost which the bank have said will eventually be refunded. the blind lady can't even look in the gym mirrors to see how her body is changing YET she comes to the gym EVERY SINGLE DAY without fail

one thing about my relationship with health & fitness is that it is always at the front & back of my mind...i can NEVER go without it for too long. for me it just doesn't feel right not to exercise...its in my dna. "If" i ever fall off/lose motivation i can bet my life on it that i will ALWAYS find the motivation to "continue where i left off", as oppose to seeing it as "starting all over again"

i have 2-3weeks off from work and maybe* away from @bigboatstrainingroom, where I will most certainly get back into the swing of things physically, mentally & businessnally (pretend thats a word)

this may be my last blog post for 2013 so incase it is i just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has taken time to read & share my blogs, my instagram & my services. i wish you all a merry xmas and a happy new year

oh, and if you haven't yet embarked on your own fitness is NEVER too late. 2013 is well and truely in the past now

let 2014 be YOUR future

Thank you for reading

Big Boat

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