Sunday, 1 December 2013

Everything Happens For a Reason

the pic above is of £20...not a lot is it?

not my usual fitness related post but just thought i'd share my experience today

so at work today i had a brother (a fellow black guy) who came to me asking for some advice. the gym was quiet (it was a Sunday) & i had no-one booked in. i'm a cool guy so i offered him a free consultation on exercise & nutrition

we got talking about his current fitness goals/routine/nutrition & he happily left the consultation with a bit more clarity & structure in both his exercise & nutrition...he also left with my money bag where i had money inside kmt

i won't lie to you, i wanted to kill him #literally but he disappeared before i noticed

coincidentally being a Sunday i was thankfully blessed in a separate event but isn't it a pretty sad world we live in where people will gladly take your kindness as a weakness...even worse when its your own kind

£20...again i ask, not a lot is it? but to me this meant alot especially because my money bag had been taken a few hours before i received this £20

long story short, a concerned mother came to me a while ago saying how she is worried about her son's excessive yo yo dieting. she then said how her son always talks about me at home, saying he wants a body like mine, says i'm strong, fast etc and how he looks up to me. she asked if i could have a word with him as she thinks he will be more likely to listen me

i'm a nice guy so i said no problem. i phoned him. we arranged a consultation where we went through a very detailed talk about his current exercise & nutrition regime

today his mum came to my work after church to give me this gift (£20) she opened my hand, she said its not alot but i should take it, not say anything. she said i have completely changed her sons life around & how he now has a much more better & sensible outlook on his health & fitness

she said she sees something special in me & believes that i will excel in anything i put my all into

moments like this are priceless & are what i genuinely wish people would strive for...just to do good unto others

Thank you for reading

Big Boat

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