Thursday, 1 August 2013

Why BigBoatsTrainingRoom?

Why Big Boat's Training Room???

as few of you may know already, i am the person behind @bigboatstrainingroom (check me out on instagram if you haven’t done so already). i originate from east london and although i am a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a life coach, an aerobics instructor & circuit trainer (to name a few :]), i am an athlete by trade

“Big Boat”…such an unusual name for a person to be called init?. is it because i have a big head?, big feet?, a big erm…body???

the name "Big Boat" was a nickname given to me during my time in secondary school. there was a time i had come in late to my maths class in year 10, as i had skipped registration to go gym in the morning lol. it was kind of hot day that day and as i took off my blazer a few realised i looked bigger in my school shirt. with my surname being "Boateng" a few of my boys from the back of the class shouted "aye Boateng’s gone big" "uncle boat is looking stiff now"...then came "big boat"

initially it was a few people in my year who continued to refer to me as "Big Boat", however when collecting the award for sports personality of the year I was addressed as “Big Boat” in front of the whole school (which included years 7-11, 6th formers, all the teachers, dinner ladies lol…basically everyone associated with the school

I guess this is where i was formally introduced to the world as “Big Boat”

not a major post but i just wanted to give a little background history of the name before i embark on the real incentive behind creating this blog (my  approach to health & fitness). i would just like to take this opportunity to say a big thanks and respect to all those who helped keep the name alive and made it into the brand/recognition that it is today

Thank you for reading

Big Boat

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