Saturday, 27 July 2013

How I Became Me!

before I get into anything about what I do...first let me give you a little low down about who I am!!!

for those who are unaware I have a permanent scar across my belly. it may not look it in pics but the dark incision you see going across my stomach is unfortunately NOT a line of serious ab definition (i wish lol), it is infact my scar

 when I was days old as a baby i had to have life saving surgery and was left in intensive care. it got to a point where my mum threw away new born baby pics the hospital gave her and didn't take any new born baby pics of me as she didn't think i was going to make it...but here i am and i'm forever grateful

this may sound silly to some but my whole journey/life in health & fitness stemmed from a young age as i hated my scar and how it made me look/feel

as young boys do when it is hot in the summer, it always is a case of baring skin and running around topless...but i was the complete opposite

the fact that my scar is quite large & noticeable (right in the centre of my body) often made people look twice like it was some kind of disfigurement, which in turn made me very insecure about my body

it even got to a point where I wouldn't participate in water fights/go to the park on a sunny day if i knew there was a chance that i may have to take my top off if i got wet

understand that health & fitness is a safe haven for ALL insecurities & body image issues

i initially started going gym to escape the reality of how my scar made me look and feel. i had the envision that by having a bigger chest, bigger arms, bigger back etc, i would divert the attention away from my scar

i am now in a position where health & fitness is a lifestyle choice of mine and to be honest I don't know where i would be without it. coming to think of it now, me aiming to keep in shape till this day may well be a subconscious act of trying to keep the focus away from my scar...

we all have a story to tell of why and how we all started our journeys in i just thought i'd let you hear mine.

Thank you for reading

Big Boat

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