Monday, 10 February 2020

Happy New Year Everyone lol

its been a while folks

not going to make this a long mish mash of an introduction, HOWEVER for those who know i did use to write/blog alot before i stopped. i’m assuming it must have been a strong case of that whole writers block thing as i literally just stopped writing and never looked back

funnily enough if you was to ever look at the notes in my phone, you would think "yeah, this boy definitely needs to start blogging again because his mind talks alot" lol

even lately when i speak to people i have so much to say that my mouth often moves faster than my brain, and i end up either making up words or speaking sentences that don’t even make sense lol. so it's only fitting that i channel this energy back into my writing again, just so i can slow my mouth down and let my fingers do the talking

my blog posts will range from fitness related posts, to life coaching tools, to relationship & marriage talks

random but you will see within my blogs/writing style that i never use capital letters, unless i’m either emphasising the whole word, saying someone’s name or saying God’s name. i don’t know what my problem is to be honest but i’ve even disabled "auto-capitalisation" on my phone and, i know lol

and do you want to know the sad part? so whenever i have a new personal training client, i always start off using capital letters at the start of sentences when messaging them (being professional and all), but then as soon as we’ve built a rapport i go back to using small lower cases iofvndflb (for those who are unaware, when im laughing alot i type this out)

another odd thing you won’t notice is that i don't use fullstops unless its within a paragraph (this one i don’t even know why, i just don't lol)

any blogger reading this or to anyone else, is it unprofessional to not use capital letters and full stops? or am i ok to keep my own odd writing style? as i'm trying to keep things organic so you can truly hear my voice through my words. to be honest i was even going to give the whole full stop thing a trial, but as for capital's even bugging me now thinking about it lol

and yes (i know, i shouldn't be starting a sentence with 'and', however if God can do it “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light”- Genesis 1:3 KJV, then so can i lol) but yes, it does feels good to start writing again

i hope you will enjoy the journey i’m about to take you on, and in the mean time feel free to explore my site and read up on my previous blog posts

Thank you for reading

p.s i don't actually mind capital letters when i'm signing off or in the title..i proper need help init lol

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