Sunday, 5 June 2016

Protein Shakes: All Is Not What It Seems...

so before we get into anything and in regards to shakes themselves, shakes are a convenient way of getting nutrients into your body immediately after a workout

as it is a liquid format your body doesn't need to digest it. all your body will/can do is absorb the nutrients from the shake and whatever doesn't get used either gets flushed out your system or if not utilised properly can sit within your stomach. some people often say that shakes makes them put them on unwanted weight, but i say you have to train hard to warrant the benefits of a shake...same way you wouldn't put any more petrol in a car if you haven't even taken the car on an exhausting journey 

i probably will lose a few followers from this post & people may think "he's talking absolute sh*t, but I believe that I speak the truth 99% of the time...only time i don't tell the truth is when i tell people I've left my house (when really i haven't lol), or when i tell people i'm 5mins away and i'm nowhere near lol

but yeah read on and i hope you enjoy